Command Wash & Wax

Hand Car Wash Soap

Wash & Wax is designed to be used as a high foaming car wash detergent. Wash & Wax is designed with the finest penetrating detergents, builders, solvents and chelates available on the market today. Wash & Wax can quickly penetrate, emulsify and remove even the most tenacious soils. All this is accomplished without the use of harsh caustics. This product is designed for hand washing of vehicles and will impart a polymer protective coating to the surface. This coating will enhance the gloss of the paint and repel water.

Usage Directions

Use Wash & Wax at the rate of 1 ounce per gallon of water. Wash vehicle from the bottom up covering small sections at a time. Rinse thoroughly from the top down. It is always preferable to wash vehicles in the shade as this will eliminate the detergent from drying on the paint surface. Do not allow solutions of this product to dry on surfaces. Always rinse thoroughly.

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