High Foam - Cherry

Premium Car Wash Soap - Cherry Scented

High Foam Cherry is a concentrated high foam wash with a very distinct cherry scent. High Foam Cherry is designed to safely clean cars, pick-ups, and other vehicles. It will clean painted surfaces without damage. High Foam Cherry will not remove waxes, finishes, or new car sealants. It will work in cold water as well as hot water, and rinse free at any temperature. Designed for heavy duty cleaning such as drive through car wash.

Usage Directions

For Car Washes, use the following dilutions: Self Service-Premix 1 part soap to 10 parts water and meter solution at 1:50. Full Service- Premix 1 part soap to 25 parts water and meter solution at 1:100. For Hand Car Washing use 1 to 3 ounces of chemical per bucket of water. For Use In Hot Pressure Washers, apply to the surface at the rate of 1 part cleaner to 300 parts water. For Use In Cold Pressure Washers use at the rate of 1 part cleaner to 200 parts water. When cleaning with pressure washers, always apply cleaning solutions from the bottom up on a dry surface. Always detail clean from the bottom up and rinse from the top down. Do not allow to dry on surfaces. Always rinse thoroughly.

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