Appropriate for multiple surface restoration

FOR PROFESSIONAL USE ONLY. Fortress Restore is appropriate for multiple surface restoration. Restores many types of exterior building cladding, including, concrete, limestone, terracotta and many others. This product removes color stains from most surfaces. This product will remove, clean and de-blush most sealers.

Usage Directions

Fotress Restore is to be used as is. Do Not Dilute.

Caution: Do not allow product to dry on the surface. Always rinse thoroughly. Do not use on polished stone and metallic oxide film used for tinting or self cleaning glass. Not recommended for restoration of antique glass, brass, copper or bronze. Not recommended for horizontal surfaces, with the exception of non-colored concrete. Use lower rinse pressures when cleaning sensitive substrates. When in doubt, follow the manufacture’s recommended PS.I for the substrate on which you are working. Extended dwell time is very important when using this product.

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