A premium graffiti remover deisgned for porous masonry surfaces

A premium graffiti remover deisgned for porous masonry surfaces, such as brick, concrete, slate, granite, stucco and other similar surfaces.

Lightning Graffiti Gone soaks into porous surfaces, and releases paint from surface and sub-surface layers of masonry to remove the paint and its shadow. Works in cold, hot, wet, and dry conditions.

Usage Directions

Do Not Dilute – Use at full strength. Apply Lightning Graffiti Gone with a pump-up sprayer or brush product onto surface. Allow sit for 5 -10 minutes. Do not allow to dry on surface – reapply to keep wet if necessary. Blast affected area wtih a high pressure washer. Hot water will aid in ease of removal, but product is effective in cold water as well. For tough jobs and if shadow remains following a single application, repeat the above steps a second time to finish the job. If there are doubts about suitablity for a given surface, be sure to test product in an out of the way area.

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