Power Safe

Safe Premium Truck Wash

Power Safe Premium is a safe vehicle wash that is very effective in cleaning trucks, buses, and cars. Power Safe Premium will clean painted and polished aluminum surfaces without damage. It excels at removing road film from the inside and outside of tractors & trailers without brushing. Power Safe Premium will work in cold or hot water and rinses free at any temperature. The product contains a proprietary blend of chelators to manage hard water exceptionally well.

Power Safe Premium is designed for heavy-duty truck washing but yet can be used on an automobile. It can be used in drive through truck washes or through pressure washers. Power Safe Premium will not harm mirror polished or anodized aluminum and will not remove wax when used cold.

  • No Hard Abrasives
  • Superior Hard Water Results
  • Does Not Require Brushing
  • Safe On Paint And Polished Aluminum

Usage Directions

Power Safe is most often diluted 1:50 in hot water or 1:25 in cold water.
It manages hard water up to 20 grains. Always rinse thoroughly.

Premium Aggressive Brown Truck Wash

  • Does Not Require Brushing
  • Super Concentrate For Freight Efficiency
  • Paint And Aluminum Safe
  • USDA Approved

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