A premium residential gutter cleaner and brightener.

Warthog Gutter Gunner is a premium residential gutter cleaner and brightenerthat removes black streaks and other tough-to-remove soils from gutters and other residential surfaces without damaging paint when used as directed. Warthog Gutter Gunner is designed to be cost-effective and highly efficient for professionals. One quart of Super Concentrate makes 2 to 4 gallons of ready-to-use cleaner.

Usage Directions

Depending on the severity of the soil, Warthog Gutter Gunner can be a touchless spray-on and rinse, or if needed, a light agitation with a soft brush. First, rinse the dirt off the gutter with a garden hose or a pressure washer. Wet all surfaces beneath the gutters, including plants and shrubs. Apply Warthog Gutter Gunner’s ready-to-use product with a low-pressure sprayer. The Super Concentrate’s ready-to-use dilution can also be used for house washing utilizing a downstream chemical injector and a pressure washer. In any application, rinse thoroughly from the top to all the way down without letting any solution dry.

Mixing: Do not use Warthog Gutter Gunner Super Concentrate undiluted on gutters or houses. Follow the directions for use. The mixing ratio is as follows:

1:15 for light-duty degreasing (1 quart yields 4 gallons)
1:10 for medium degreasing
1:5 for gutters and heavy degreasing

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