Let us build the trailer you need

The first step in our project process is listening. We will spend time gathering a firm understanding of your personal and professional goals for this equipment. Learning your preferences, strengths, and weaknesses will allow us to deliver a perfect solution to you that will never disappoint. Next we start a clean sheet design process using the best products, equipment and practices in the industry. Once we have the basic design on paper we will review everything with you and discuss weights, capacities, workflows, and aesthetics to make sure that you are completely up to speed and excited about your project!

The next step in the proceed is our favorite. We pull all of the equipment for your trailer or skid and begin the build. Before you know it we are calling you for final "fit and review" session. At this point we are only a couple of days from delivery and we will also work through scheduling your pickup experience. This starts with the paperwork and title transfer. Lastly we spend as much time as you would like thoroughly demonstrating each subsystem on the build making sure you are ready for action!

Example Builds

Determine the type of trailer you'll need

A powerwashing trailer should be customized to your specifications. You will need to decide on the length, the weight capacity, and whether or not it will be enclosed.

If the utility trailer will be used for lumber or building materials, it may need a stronger trailer suspension and full-size wheels.
For ease of loading and unloading—especially lumber—you would probably not want it enclosed. You would also want to make it long enough to hold lumber and sheeting.

For machinery and valuable tools, you would not only want it sturdy, but also enclosed and secure to prevent theft.
The vehicle that you will use to pull the utility trailer will also help determine the dimensions. For example, a utility trailer to haul groceries behind a bicycle will necessarily be much smaller than a utility trailer built to haul a table saw.


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