Tile Brite

Manages most bathroom stains on most surfaces

Tile Brite is uniquely designed to eliminate stubborn stains from surfaces in bathrooms and kitchens. It excels at cleaning algae, mildew, scum, marine deposits, brine, rust, hard water stains, soap residue, lime scale, oil, embedded grease, and oxidation. This powerful cleaner penetrates deep into tile and grout, ensuring a thorough clean that restores surfaces to their original shine. Tile Brite’s advanced formula not only removes visible stains but also tackles the hidden grime that can cause discoloration and deterioration over time. Ideal for regular maintenance, it helps to extend the life of your tile and grout, keeping them looking new and fresh. Easy to apply and highly effective, Tile Brite is the go-to solution for maintaining pristine bathroom and kitchen surfaces.

Color Light Straw
pH ≤ 2
Odor Lemon
Physical State Liquid
DOT Hazardous
Dilution Concentrate

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