Carnauba Wax + Surface Protectant

Fleet Shield is an all-surface product that provides superior protection for coated and uncoated surfaces, including automotive paint, chrome, and glass. Fleet Shield contains a proprietary blend of carnauba wax and silicone polymers, which provides a binding protective layer on any surface, promoting water repellency, beading, and lower water roll-off angle. It also contains an organic solvent and blend of surfactants to act as a waterless vehicle cleaner. UV inhibitors further protect painted surfaces from harsh sun rays. Appropriate for use as a rinse aid, wax & shine, surface sealant/protectant, and waterless car wash. Produces a brilliant, long-lasting shine.


  • Automatic And Self-Serve Car Washes
  • Tunnel Car Washes
  • Truck Washes
  • Protection And Sealant For Any Coated Or Uncoated Surfaces


For automatic application, set metering device to apply Fleet Shield at a dilution of 1:128. For best results, do not allow to dry on surface without rinsing or blowing.

For spray & wipe waterless cleaning, apply Fleet Shield to the surface at a 1:20 dilution.

For hand agitated/buffed wax application, apply Fleet Shield to the surface at a 1:5 dilution. Ensure buffing action is employed, and make sure the product does not dry on the surface without buffing.

Lasting Protection From The Harsh Elements

  • UV Inhibitors Protect Paint From Harsh Rays
  • Super Concentrated For Maximum Economy
  • Causes Beading And Runoff Of Rain And Snow
  • On Painted Surfaces, Reducing Soil Deposition