Lime & Scale Remover

Lime Out removes hard water deposits and lime scale from dish machines and surrounding stainless steel. Lime scale builds up on dish machine rinse arms, nozzles and jets. Even seemingly small amounts can decrease performance and increase energy cost. Improve warewashing results and operational efficiency by regularly deliming your dish machines.

For use in dish machines, steam tables, coffee urns, stainless steel, tile, toilet bowls, lab glassware, and animal cages.


Shut off water supply to the detergent dispenser and, if low temp machine, sanitizer injector. Remove all loose soils from inside the dishmachine, replacing the scrap trays when finished. Fill dishmachine tank to 2-3inches below the overflow, then start dishmachine heaters. (Descaling of conveyor pre-wash & rinse sections may be improved by removing the interior curtains.) Add Lime Out to the water tanks (1.0 oz. – 3.0 oz per gallon). Delime the dishmachine exterior and areas not reached by the machine spray. Run machine for 15 minutes to ensure complete deliming.

Shut off machine and tank heaters then drain. Refill with fresh water and run for 5 minutes to rinse the machine, then drain.