Premium Aggressive Brown Truck Wash

Power Clean is an aggressive, heavy-duty brushless brown truck wash. It is ITD's flagship truck wash product and one of the most popular truck wash concentrates in the industry. Power Clean is designed to remove carbon stack stains and magnetic road film from both the inside and outside of tractors & trailers, without the need for brushing. When used correctly, it effectively cleans painted and aluminum surfaces without causing any damage. Power Clean can be used in drive-through truck washes or with pressure washers. It works well in both cold and hot water and rinses free at any temperature.


Depending on the intended end-use dilution rate, distributors will often create 2 drums from this super concentrate before sale to the end user. After drum dilution, recommended dilution rates are as follows:

Hot Water: 1 part Power Clean to 100 parts water (1:100).
Cold Water: 1 part Power Clean to 50 parts water (1:50).
Power Clean is effective in managing hard water up to 20 grains. However, do not use it on polished/anodized aluminum or polysealed surfaces. Additionally, when using Power Clean on painted surfaces, ensure the concentration is at least 1 part Power Clean to 40 parts water (1:40). Avoid allowing the product to dry on surfaces; keep them wet and always rinse thoroughly.

Premium Aggressive Brown Truck Wash

  • Does Not Require Brushing
  • Highly Dilutable
  • Paint And Aluminum Safe
  • USDA Approved