Machine Glassware Detergent

SuperMax Dish is a concentrated, high-alkaline, heavy duty liquid detergent for machine warewashing. It is particularly designed and effective for use in cleaning glassware as it removes foodsoils, glassware haze, and even hard-to-remove lipstick stains. SuperMax Dish is super concentrated and can be automatically dispensed directly from the container.

This concentrated, high-alkaline formula strips away heavy grease, protein and starch food soils and is effective in light, medium and heavy soil conditions. It contains water conditioning agents to reduce spotting and streaking on glassware and other dishes.

When used as directed, SuperMax Dish is safe for use on china, glassware, stainless steel, silver flatware and plastic ware. Because of its highly concentrated formula, SuperMax Dish should not be used for manual bar glass washing applications. SuperMax Dish is not recommended for use on aluminum and other soft metals.


This is a concentrate. Use at 1:32 for glass cleaning. Spray or wipe diluted product onto glass surface. Allow to dwell briefly, then wipe clean.